Monday, January 26, 2009


I was making dinner yesterday and I could hear a noise coming from the corner cabinet area. "Great, another mouse". K had told me earlier that she thought she heard a mouse. She even told me how she wanted to make a trap to catch one alive. She went through all the details of how she would do it with a box and string and wood.
We've killed a few mice in this house. I won't go in the gross details of the one that was still alive and couldn't escape, because it was still attached to a trap, or the one that killed itself by gnawing on our dishwasher's electrical wire and we found it through its smell. We even had a baby mouse that was suppose to be eaten by a pet ball python. The snake wouldn't eat it for some reason, so we ended up nursing it with a syringe for 5 days until it died.
So back to the story of yesterday. I decided I'd better sweep the floor and take care of the bag of garbage on the floor that was waiting to be taken out and set out some traps. I cautiously grabbed for the trash can under the sink to put a new bag in it, because I didn't want to be startled by any mice that might be behind it. I didn't have to worry about that though. There was a mouse IN the trash can. I screamed very loud and the girls hurried downstairs. The poor little thing was so scared that it kept on trying to jump out of the can. Yes, they can jump pretty high for being so little. This freaked me out even more. It calmed down a bit. So I calmed down a bit, seeing that it didn't seem like it could jump out, or it would have jumped out before.
It is a young mouse and I think it must have somehow got into the trash can from crawling on the sink pipes. The girls were trying to convince me that we should keep it. I could just imagine all the diseases and germs that it had. I couldn't just outright kill it though. We gave it a couple drops of water, some food and put a mesh tank cover over the can. I decided that we'd take it to the field today and let it go. The problem is that after having temperatures of up to 70 this week, it quickly dropped to highs of 9 degrees the past couple of days. I just couldn't be so mean to a baby mouse and let it freeze, so for a couple of days, until it warms up a little, we have a "pet" mouse named Jack (in-the-box).


  1. I do not envy you. We have lived here for almost 9 years and I have only seen a mouse in my back yard once, and one in the garage and Brent trapped that one for me. Either we have good neighbors with good cats or we are just lucky. I am sorry.

  2. I guess it comes with living in an area with so much wildlife and green spaces. They really aren't too bad. Just when they decide to move in when it's cold. Usually we can get rid of them before they get to the basement and start eating through packages of stored food.