Sunday, January 04, 2009


After two years not being in Young Women's, I was put in today as the Mia Maid advisor. AC is relieved that she will be moving up to Laurels in 6 months and AR is excited that I will be with her when she turns 14 in four months. I didn't realize it could be such torture to have your mom with you at church activities, although I seem to remember that sometimes AC didn't want to go unless I was there. (Edited to add that AC said that she was just teasing me about being glad she was moving up and the reason she wanted me to go with her was because she was very shy back then).
K is so excited to now be in Valiant 9 where she is in senior primary and M is excited to be in CTR 5. She thought it was neat that she got a CTR ring and they both love their new classes.

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