Monday, August 17, 2009

Only Two Days Left

Well, the dreaded days are just about here. School starts for the oldest two on Thursday and the youngest two on Monday. I've decided on the worst part of school - it's how your schedule becomes very busy. School hasn't even started yet and my calendar is full this week. I will admit that school will be nice for one reason. Once my house is cleaned (or at least one area) maybe it will stay clean longer than a few minutes now that all my girls will be in school.

Church Fireside

One of these days I'll post pictures, but for now I wanted to tell you of an amazing guy who spoke to the youth in our church. He had received a mission call and was working to earn more money for his mission when some large boards fell on him and paralyzed him. He can move his arms and a little of his hands, but not his legs. What is so amazing to me is his positive attitude. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he had such a great outlook and strong testimony of the church within just a day or so after the accident. Eventually he was able to go on a mission through connections to the mission president in North Carolina even though he was told he wouldn't be able to go on a mission. He really impressed me with his attitude of his affliction being minor compared to others' afflictions we can't see and his testimony of Joseph Smith and the awe he has for Joseph Smith and the trials he went through.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

We've Got One!

One of our Red Star chickens laid our first egg yesterday. Isn't it such a beautiful brown color? It is about the size of a medium egg. Can't wait to eat it, but you can't eat much when you have to split it six ways so our other chickens better start laying soon:)