Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday!

AR turns 14 today and will start high school soon! We went on a walk today and I enjoyed talking to her and remembering when she was born and when she was a baby. I hope I don't get in trouble for posting any of these pictures. She did approve some of them.

Building a snowman with M.

Pie eating contest with other young women from our church.

Laser tag.

Doesn't she look spooky? She took this picture of herself in the mirror on Halloween.

Also on Halloween.

Feeding the geese at the park.

With Louise our French foreign exchange student.

Again with Louise on a hike.

Another picture she took of herself and changed the color. Maybe she could be a model?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday!

M turns 5 today. I can hardly believe it! In just over four months she starts kindergarten. Here's some pictures I picked out from the past year's activities.

My Little princess asleep.
Rock hounding

Water fountain at the park.
Below, she's at the zoo. I love the way this picture shows her reflection.

Running at the children's race at a 5K.


Natural Science Museum.

Historical Farm Museum.

Looking at the Chickens from the historical farm.

Cliff dwellings.

More cliff dwellings.

Yes, she fell asleep here.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finally Posting Some Pics

Been lazy lately, so I'm finally posting some pictures we've taken.

Spring Break

My Love took a couple of days off for spring break. We were supposed to visit G'ma and G'pa in South Dakota, but because of the bad weather and roads being closed we stayed here. We took three free tours. Here are the girls at the Hammonds Candy factory.
AC with her tour hat and sticker.

M being silly with the hair net she wore for her Celestial Seasonings tour. (I'd show you pictures of us all with the hairnets on, but I want to live for another day). The place makes both herbal and regular teas and when you go in the mint room it clears out your sinuses and makes your eyes sting. It was the best tour, because we could be down on the factory floor. It felt like walking right into a Mr. Rogers film. Do any of you remember those from Picture, Picture?
The last tour we took was of the Denver Mint, but pictures aren't allowed. I last went there over 18 years ago and it had a lot more production going on then. It was still neat to see again, though.(Sorry, I can't figure out how to make it so the words aren't on the right side of the picture.)


Here's our chicks when we first got them. The red heat lamp we have to use in their cage makes the picture look weird. From left to right we have Star (M's), then D (AC's), the yellow one in front with its head down is Peepette (AR's) and is actually sleeping standing up. They did that a lot at first and it was so funny to watch. The other two are Mo (mine) and Aspen (K's).
My Mo is to the right. Isn't she so cute?

Here's M with Mo. It was before we bought her Star. Her chick is the most tamest, because she is always wanting to hold it.
K with Aspen. The poor thing's beak is now deformed. The bottom seems to have not grown correctly, so it has a cross bite. It seems to be doing okay, but it is skinnier than the other two Auricanas.

This picture shows the colors of the chicks better. Notice how intently Tala is watching them. She really wanted to "play" with them.

In like a Lamb, Out like a Lion

K on the tire swing that AR bought and put up in warm weather the day before.
The girls enjoyed having spring break start a couple of days early due to two snow days.

Just a couple of weekends before on our hike.