Thursday, January 01, 2009

Driving Fun

AC(child #1) received her driving permit yesterday! Aaaaaaaa!! It scares me to have to drive with someone who doesn't know how to drive. She doesn't want to drive yet, either, until we practice more in the parking lot. She gets 6 hours with the driving school she went to, so I may have her go there at first so they teach her first on a car that has a second brake. In 6 months she gets to start dating too! She's growing up! Here's a picture of her in her choir dress from this year and a picture from last year when she still had her braces on.
On a second driving note, Colorado has, what I think, a very frustrating way of setting up roads. Say for example you are traveling down a road and you miss the road you are suppose to turn on. You could continue down the road looking for the turn off, finally finding the second road you are suppose to turn on. This road will not lead you to where you are suppose to go. You then turn around following that road back, thinking the first road you missed should be somewhere along that road. You then drive around for an hour, being lost, calling your daughter at home to see if she can figure out where you are suppose to be. She cannot figure out where you are on the internet map, so you finally stop at a gas station to buy a map. You quickly find where you are at and discover you were nowhere near where you were suppose to be. The problem is that roads in Colorado can start and stop all the way across the map. You cannot get to the place where you were suppose to be because there was a huge lake or park or something that broke up the road. This whole scenario makes your teen in the back seat grumble, because she and her friend you are driving to a New Years Eve Dance, an hour later than planned. This is all hypothetical, of course, but at least in this hypothetical situation they made it to their dance a couple hours before New Years.

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  1. I laughed and laughed reading this --- course, I put myself in your place, 'cause I can get turned around so easy!!!!! Thank goodness, we now live in this VERY small town and it doesn't matter that I get turned around!