Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mail Time!

With the title, I just can't keep the song from Blues Clues going through my head. The wonderful benefit of being a mom to a preschooler who's been watching a couple of tapes of it that I recorded back when K was her age.
AC and AR have both been waiting in anticipation for the mail this week. AC received her official drivers permit. She's been out a couple times with her temporary one, but she's keeping to the residential roads for now where she can go slower as she gets use to driving.
AR received an acceptance letter to a program at a high school that will be 25 minutes away. It is a new program that will hopefully allow her to go more at her own pace and give her the ability to do projects that interest her. It is up by My Love's work, so will only be a 10 minute longer commute for him to drive her there. She'll probably ride the city bus home, until she gets her drivers license in about 2 1/2 years.
K also received a card and a couple of packages for her birthday. It's been a nice week of mail for the girls.

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