Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Class of 2022

Today I had to go early to register M for Kindergarten. I wanted to get her in the A.M. class, so I made sure to get there right when they started at 7:00 a.m. When I arrived, there were people who had already filled out the paperwork and were standing in line to hand it in. They had obviously started a little early and I heard that people had been there since 5:30! I guess others really wanted to be sure they got a certain class. It's the a.m. and all day kindergarten classes that fill up first. We have open enrollment, so others come from other school boundaries, but they have to be put on a waiting list.
I also volunteered in M's preschool class today. It was fun seeing how they learn through play. They write and draw what they are going to do in a chosen center. They are already learning to separate the words and sound out parts of the words they are writing. I think when I was going to school we were just learning the alphabet in kindergarten! M loved being the line leader, because I was the volunteer parent and we had fun playing with the wooden train track and trains. I also had the "privilege" of having a little girl sitting next to me (not M) lean over and wipe her nose on my arm. Luckily I had long sleeves, but EWWWWW!!!!

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  1. The class of 2022.... that seems sooo far away.