Monday, May 18, 2009

South Africa Continued

I found out that the backpack was most likely stolen when My Love was at a gas station. The person he was with did not completely close the back door of the car when they stopped, even though My Love locked the door (Can I slap the guy for his stupidity?). When they came out of the station a guy was standing next to their car and said "Oh, sorry." My Love now believes the thief was going back for another bag or two or his camera and other stuff that was in the front seat.
My poor husband is feeling pretty low right now. He had to travel one and a half hours to go to the consulate, because the person at the embassy near him was on vacation. He did file a report at the police station, so that insurance will hopefully cover some of the stuff.
I'm still hopeful that the thief will not be able to access information on the laptop. This whole thing is frustrating. On the bright side, at least My Love was not mugged.
Edited to add - He got a temporary passport so he can come home this weekend! I think he's feeling a little better.

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  1. Well, the important thing is that he is safe! We're sorry for your loss though. We can definitely relate and it's NO fun!