Sunday, May 17, 2009

More of South Africa

I really wanted to post some more of My Loves African wild reserve pictures. Unfortunately I will not be able to. Some South African now has them. I was very angry with this person for taking them, but I am slowly finding forgiveness and peace over the situation.
I knew that South Africa has a high crime rate, but I guess I really didn't think that it would happen to My Love and especially to the extent that it did. His whole back pack was taken from the back of his car. It held his laptop, ipod, passport and some souvenirs. He wasn't aware of it being gone until his rental car broke down and he looked for it in the back seat to get some paperwork from it.
The worse part is not being sure of the situation. We do not know if his computer will be hacked into and get some important information. I'm not sure how or when he'll get home without a passport, although I'm sure it will be fine, he just needs to contact the embassy. This is the second ipod to go missing and I know he's frustrated to lose all of his music. Like I said before, it's frustrating to lose the pictures he took, because I'm sure they were awesome. I just hope he had put all of the family pictures he had onto our computer.
Sometimes life is not fun!


  1. So sorry to hear about this incident. We can relate to the stress and vulnerability you feel (not to mention the financial loss) when something like that is stolen from you. I hope that you can find some resolution to the situation and you guys can feel peace. Love you guys!

  2. Some birthday present for you. that sucks! Hope you had a good day dispite the bad news. Love you. Happy Birthday!