Sunday, April 05, 2009


Here's our chicks when we first got them. The red heat lamp we have to use in their cage makes the picture look weird. From left to right we have Star (M's), then D (AC's), the yellow one in front with its head down is Peepette (AR's) and is actually sleeping standing up. They did that a lot at first and it was so funny to watch. The other two are Mo (mine) and Aspen (K's).
My Mo is to the right. Isn't she so cute?

Here's M with Mo. It was before we bought her Star. Her chick is the most tamest, because she is always wanting to hold it.
K with Aspen. The poor thing's beak is now deformed. The bottom seems to have not grown correctly, so it has a cross bite. It seems to be doing okay, but it is skinnier than the other two Auricanas.

This picture shows the colors of the chicks better. Notice how intently Tala is watching them. She really wanted to "play" with them.

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