Monday, March 23, 2009

Old Mac Donald had a farm EIEIO

Our pet story is still not over. One of AR's mice died because it seemed sick from the beginning. We still had a day for its warranty, so we took it back and received a refund. We also took back its cage mate because AR decided she didn't want it due to it not letting her hold it.

You would think our pet story would be just about finished, at least for now; but oh no, it is not. I have always thought it would be nice to have a little farm. Mainly with a large garden, maybe a horse, some rabbits, maybe a cow, and some chickens. Well, at this point, we cannot move, but we are allowed to have chickens in the back yard. Soooo we just bought baby chicks! What started out as wanting two, has now turned into five, with each of us girls having our own. Mine looks like it has a mohawk on its head and is named Mo. It, K's and M's all are called Auricana and will lay colored eggs like blues, greens and pink. They're also called Easter eggers. AR's and AC's are yellow chicks and will be cinnamon colored when older. They are called Red Stars and will lay brown eggs. They are each suppose to lay about an egg a day when they reach about five months old. We won't get rich, but we can sell the extra eggs and get a little extra income and get our own free fresh eggs. We're guaranteed 100% hens on the Red Stars and 90-95% on the others. If we end up with a rooster, then we'll have to get rid of it, because it is against the law to have them within the city. Besides, we have our dog to wake us up in the morning :)


  1. I grew up with chickens! how fun!

  2. wow, I am surprised with all the death (well not really) you decided to take on more animals:)