Sunday, March 08, 2009

More Pets

Before K's hamster died I had told her she couldn't get another pet until after it died. She wanted hermit crabs. When Snowball died she wanted another hamster. We went to the pet store and she decided she wanted a mouse instead. We read that they liked companionship, so we went back to the store and bought M a mouse too. AR has been wanting a baby mouse since she had a baby one for a few days that we tried to keep alive after her snake wouldn't eat it. She bought her own two so that she could have them in her room. So now we are the owners of four little mice. Their wheels go squeak, squeak, squeak all night long. I'm surprised the girls can sleep at all. I just shut my door and I can't hear them very much.
Here's the looooong list of pets we've had: One rabbit and her two babies, another rabbit, 3 dogs (one for only a week), 3 hamsters, 2 guinea pigs (for less than a day due to allergies), 2 rats (for only a month), the above mentioned baby mouse, 2 frogs, a tadpole, a turtle (for only two weeks), a skink, water dragon, gecko, gardner snake, ball python, tarantula and numerous fish. Half of the pets have belonged to AR and half of them have died in our care (not all AR's). The others we got rid of them because we were moving, had allergies, or various other reasons. We now have just one of the dogs, 4 mice and numerous fish. What can I say? I used to want pets all the time when I was younger so when my girls ask for them I guess I'm too easy to convince.

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