Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family Trip

We were gone this last week on a family trip. We headed to Utah with a stop near St. George so we could visit Zions on Monday. It was of course awesome to see such beautiful creations. On Tuesday we went rock hounding with My Love's brother at Topaz Mountain near Delta. The first three days I couldn't understand why I couldn't get very much energy to climb the mountains and go rock hounding. I attributed it to the heat, but on Wednesday I came down with a terrible sore throat, so I must have been sick, because when it was gone a couple of days later my energy was back. On Wednesday I was able to see my friend that I've known since I was two. She lives in Washington and we were both visiting family this month. It was great to see her and her cute 3 1/2 month baby. We visited My Love's other brother and his family that evening. Thursday we visited the Oquirrh Mountain temple and the girls were thrilled to be able to see inside it. It's a beautiful temple, but aren't they all? Thursday through Saturday we went camping with my family. We left for home this morning. It was strange having only two kids in the back of our Explorer. AC is staying in Utah for Especially For Youth a church program that she'll attend for a week and then she's staying with cousins for an extra week. AR talked us into letting her stay an extra few days too. We have a travel voucher she is using and she'll be home on Wednesday. The girls had fun playing with and "hanging out" with cousins from both sides of the family this trip. Camping was fun, except my least favorite part of sleeping on the ground. I'll post pictures of the trip soon if they turn out okay. I accidentally dropped our camera in the lake. After drying it out, it now turns on and works, but the screen is a little damaged. M was saying our family prayer tonight and she said something cute that almost made me burst out laughing, "Thank you that no one was eaten by a bear." I say amen to that.

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