Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week of 2/18

It's been a very busy week. Tuesday I had Relief Society Enrichment and learned some awesome tips about coupons and saving money on groceries. The lady who taught the lesson spends only $40 a week on groceries and her two kids are in diapers! She has also managed to get a lot of her toiletries, cleaning supplies and groceries stocked up for the year on this budget. Just so you know, she went to culinary art school and loves to cook nice food, so she is not skimping on her meals. If anyone is interested in some of the websites she uses, then leave a comment or email me and I will send you a list of them.
Wednesday I went to the Temple with the youth while they did baptisms for the dead. I was finally able to go with AR. She had gone before when our youth went to Nauvoo, but I hadn't set up a time when our family could go. It's harder to find a time, now that you have to set up an appointment and My Love is gone frequently. AC is in tech for her high school musical and so she couldn't go with us this week.
Thursday was our ward's temple night. Our ward is trying to focus on getting our allotted time filled with our ward members and encouraged us to go at our 5:30 time, even if we had to make special arrangements. My Love went into work early and came home early and I made sure it was okay that AR watched the girl we babysit for about 15-45 minutes. They had us go directly into the endowment room instead of the chapel which was different. My Love came in after me and right after he sat down a worker came and talked to him. We were asked to be the witness couple. It made an awesome session even better! It was so neat to see the room filled with people we knew. I loved going to the Temple two nights in a row!
Friday, M's preschool had an art show and silent auction. She had fun showing us her masterpiece. We even won a few things in the auction. One was that My Love bid on some theater tickets and so we will be going to a play some time. I've been wanting to go for awhile. We also got some tickets cheap to go to Elitches, which is a place like Lagoon. We were planning on going sometime anyway, so it was great getting inexpensive tickets. One of these days I'll have to download my pictures so that I can actually post some pictures. I have one of M with her artwork and a few others.

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  1. Sharla, I'm always looking for ways to save a few bucks, especially now since our cost of living has about doubled. Anyway, I would love the websites.